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ESG is a Park Opportunity – not just a Challenge.

Sustainability is an opportunity for the sector to outperform, manage energy transformation & boost perceptions.

Plum Greengauge is the only objective ESG data & Sustainability index fully tuned to the special characteristic of the sector.

Why does ESG matter to Parks?

Parks are important to all their stakeholders – customers, staff, local people, suppliers, government and owners

  1. Hand-holds you to collect the data you need to measure where you are *
  2. Automatically translates the data into scores that help you prioritise and make decisions **
  3. Shows your absolute position – and your relative position and how it’s changing relative to the Park sector, and relative to other competing sectors
  4. Helps you set targets and make changes and quantify the impact of the changes you plan on your business as well as the environment and stakeholders
  5. Understand the impact of different accommodation, construction and EV charging choices
  6. Recognises the balance between emission reduction and the need for increasing clean energy even where more is not available through the grid
  7. Makes easy reporting that will satisfy third party stakeholders who will increasingly want to see your ESG performance to maintain or build relationships
  8. Prevents you being accused of greenwashing as you’ll have objective data you can present ***
  9. Allows enhanced customer and staff engagement
  10. Helps you negotiate supplies that enhance your ESG
  11. Brings relevant evolving ESG knowledge you don’t have time to track
  12. Brings you practical technology solutions for cleaner energy and environmental enhancement

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