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Plum & You

So firstly, what type of business is yours?

Ours is a family business

Ours is a corporate business


We have made the pricing really simple and fantastic value.

Joining Fee

£150 per site one off fee *

Membership Fee

£130 / per site per month *

1 month free

*All Prices are + VAT. Full T&C's in Join Plum

Membership Features

Immediately your data has been entered you get your Plum Management Information reports

  • Great graphics & clear numbers
  • Easy to understand analysis of your own park'(s) performance
  • Create your own reports with a mouse click or a tap on your tablet or mobile
  • Ask questions and get immediate answers

Then when your Pool(s) goes live

  • See your performance benchmarked against the competition
  • Understand trends as they develop
  • See opportunities and dangers on the horizon long as you have entered your data you only pay £30 / month per site until your chosen Pool for that site goes live.