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Why Join Plum Data?

Plum helps you make better decisions that increase your profit & value and protect your long term position – and it saves you time and effort while you do it. We pull your data together for you, so you don’t have to and give it to you in the context & form you need.

Plum shows you online your performance information in instant, interactive numbers and attractive graphics. Great in itself, but then we benchmark this against the anonymised and aggregated data of your market competition. That puts your performance & the trends you are experiencing in true perspective.

Plum’s core focus is on your Lettings and Holiday Homes Sales profit centres and also extending to other key performance indicators. Plum’s time-saving tools are easy to use and bring huge value potential for a modest investment.

Join the Plum community now for the lowest pricing and fastest benefits.

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Membership Features

Immediately your data has been entered you get your Plum Management Information reports

  • Great graphics & clear numbers
  • Easy to understand analysis of your own park'(s) performance
  • Create your own reports with a mouse click or a tap on your tablet or mobile
  • Ask questions and get immediate answers

Then when your Pool(s) goes live

  • See your performance benchmarked against the competition
  • Understand trends as they develop
  • See opportunities and dangers on the horizon