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Founding Members Pricing Discount

We need to make Plum Data Benchmarking happen for the market. To build momentum and to be able to produce quality data for the sector we have created a risk-free joining mechanism known as the 200 Plan.

No one will be paying for data that isn’t there yet or be signing up without comparable data being available on the Plum portal. Members will only become committed once 200 qualifying park businesses containing over 200 qualifying pitches have joined.

Definitions: A qualifying holiday park is defined in terms of number of pitches and is either:

  1. One Park containing a total of at least 200 pitches; or
  2. 4 parks not otherwise qualifying, of at least 100 pitches each; or
  3. 500 Pitches on parks that do not otherwise qualify *Parks already on Plum will be included in the calculation

In each case a Unit/pitch is defined as:

  1. a unit of accommodation that is a static caravan, permanent-build unit or glamping unit (SPG)
  2. two touring pitches (TMT) (excluding those only allowed under the 28-day rule)
  3. and each pitch either already exists or is planned to exist at the next 1st May


Members will only pay a £100 non-refundable Commitment Fee per park. No other payment is due before and only becomes payable if the Trigger Activation Date is achieved.

If your Systems Provider is Integrated with Plum, please ask them to switch on your data and you can enjoy initial outputs for free.

Once the system contains 200 Qualifying Parks you will pay a £150 Onboarding Fee per park, and on the Go Live Date your 24-month Contract will come into force. If your data isn’t already flowing, it is now time to complete data integration.

Our pricing has been structured fairly and based on the number of pitches you have on your sites. Once the data is flowing this will provide minimal cost to value.

Parks by Pitch size Price per Park per year
Less than 150 £1,800
150-299 £2,500
300-499 £3,000
Over 500 £3,500

During this 200 Plan we are offering a group discount for all businesses with more than five separate sites

Number of parks Discount
0 0
5 5%
10 10%
25 15%
50 20%
100 25%

* All prices are subject to VAT and payments will be made via Go Cardless
* Plum ESG is not included in the 200 Plan