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Easy Access and Input

Easy Access To

  • View your own data records in Plum
  • Your site performance Management Info
  • Your Competitor Pools performance to compare against

Just log into our secure Portal (that's the confidential member-only part of the website) using your user email and password - open up the Portal front page to see messages and access all your reports.

Use online for instant views and decision making; or print off for team and board meetings

Easy Ways To Get Your Data Into Plum

  • Direct input to the Portal - clear, intuitive, modern, 'almost a pleasure to do'
  • CSV upload into Portal for bigger volumes captured on Excel
  • Direct automated feeds via API's with integrated PMS systems or other automated data feeds
Reporting SegmentWhat it containsWhen data is submittedHow it is submitted
PARPlum Asset RegisterDetails of accommodation units and touring pitches
Details of site facilities
When you join, and then annual updates as at each 1st JanDirect entry or CSV upload to Portal - or automatically if PMS system holds data and is integrated
PHSPlum Holiday Home SalesHoliday Home Sales TransactionsMonthly or when each Sale completedDirect entry on Portal or CSV upload or automaitcally if PMS system holds data and is integrated
PLLPlum Live LettingsHoliday and touring pitch bookingsWeeklyAutomatically via integrated PMS system or other automated export or data feed
All data submissions are per Site
All data submissions may be submitted direct or by CSV other than PLL which must be automated because of the high data volumes in holiday and touring pitch bookings

Systems and Systems Providers

PMS and Booking Systems Providers have recognised the benefits that Plum Data brings to their clients and the sector as a whole – and are helping their customers access Plum Data by implementing API integrations to effortlessly feed in data. We are delighted to partner with them.

For many businesses you don’t need to have a systems provider as Plum has been designed to make it easy to enter your own data directly onto the portal. The only data that has to be fed in automatically is bookings and lettings data, because the volumes are so large and the feeds so frequent, to give you the most valuable and timely data.

ParcVu has already completed systems integration for holiday homes and tent & touring pitches, holiday home sales, and bookings data for holiday & touring pitch lettings.. Real data is being uploaded into Plum from its clients. Potts Mullarkey provides ParcVu to many mid-sized family and private equity owned holiday park businesses, all of whom can now easily gain all the benefits of Plum with minimal effort on their part. Potts-Mullarkey can also adapt their other bespoke systems to integrate data for the very largest groups.

Similar work is underway with other systems provider partners, and as more park owners join Plum, more systems providers are integrating their systems to help their Plum customers..