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Competitor Pools

Competitor Pools are at the heart of the service we provide to our Members. Plum brings together the market’s data. To make it simple and practical to use we group the data into Pools.

Your Pool selection helps you see the competitor data you want to see to put your own business performance in perspective.  A Pool is a group of sites whose anonymised data is used to provide aggregated or ranked Benchmarking Analysis.

The use of Pools is subject to rules designed to protect anonymity.

You choose whether you want to benchmark your performance using the National Pool or your Regional Pool(s) first. These pools will become available immediately when there is sufficient competitor data in them to ensure anonymity. You do not pay your full membership fee for a site until the relevant pool for that site goes live.

  • The National Pool will go live first and will give you the deepest set of data and overall trends at national level.
  • The Regional Pool will provide you with comparable performance focused on your own geographical area(s).
  • When both are live you will be able to use both.
Early member benefit

If you are an Early Member of Plum you will be able to use, without further charge, a set of more granular pools. We call these Area Pools and Specific Pools.

  • An Area Pool will use data from an area which you will be able to draw on an online map.
  • A Specific Pool will use data from specific competitor sites which you will choose.
  • These will become available when your National & Regional Pools have gone Live and sufficient data is being entered into Plum.

Remember all competitor data is aggregated and anonymized to preserve confidentiality.