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Why does ESG matter to Parks?

ESG is a Park Opportunity – not just a Challenge. Plum Greengauge is here to help you with both.

Parks are important to all their stakeholders – customers, staff, local people, suppliers, government and owners.

Long term success and value depends on maintaining the right relationships with them all.

Increasingly all those stakeholders are considering the impacts of everyone they deal with on the environment and on other people.

Relative to many industries the Park sector has advantages due to its inherent physical characteristics and the nature of the park offering.

Harnessing the potential advantage will increase commercial return and value. Not rising to the challenges will damage long term business value.

Plum Greengauge has been built with respected parks & the leading holiday home manufacturer as well as academics & sustainability professionals, and backed by innovate-UK.

Plum Greengauge ESG helps you meet the challenge and reap the opportunity.

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