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Plum Data – Hairier but wiser and more useful

So, it’s week 12 and our Plum team is nicely spread in Kent, Devon, Cornwall, London, and Yorkshire.

Zoom, with a bit of Teams, has worked so well – both within the team and in our calls with systems partners, customers, new members, and investors. We’re not going back to our old-style office. Being spread around the UK and with clients too, this remote working makes much more sense.

Everyone’s been different. We’ve had great calls with people who don’t normally have time; while sometimes the action follow-ups takes twice as long as normal. But that’s fine and we’re just grateful to be here and making progress – and to be serving an industry that’s so well placed for the evolving future, despite the current very real challenges many of our industry friends are dealing with. And the BHHPA and NCC teams have done amazing work to get the messages understood by politicians.

What Next? Our role is to provide the live and interactive data to help our members navigate a future that’ll be different. Plum is the GPS and the radar - through its holiday park management information and benchmarking. Current members are on plan to get the first real performance benchmarking for holiday forward bookings, holiday home sales and pitch fees to help them as the holiday park markets start, bit-by-bit to reopen. We’ll keep you posted.

What data do you need most to navigate through the next months & years?

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