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Plum Data’s Perspective on how Brexit will affect the Holiday Park Industry

Some businesses found the recent August peak a little tricky, not quite reaching last year’s occupancy levels.

But is this continuing to hit you? How are your Forward Bookings doing – for October, or next Easter? Is your Booking Build-Up ahead or behind last year? And is your competitor market in the same position? The easy way to track all this is with our Bookbuild ™ product. We’ve shown an extract, but not the detailed data tables that go with it, for occupancy buildup for this coming October half term.

You can instantly see how occupancy’s building in our sample site (green line).

And how others in its Region are doing (purple line)

In this particular example, the park is well outperforming its peers so far this year – but notice how it is well ahead of last year too (green dotted line) while the market’s just about level with last year.

But will the market catch up and go ahead of this park as it did last year (dotted lines, top-right), when around 40% of all bookings came through in the final 3 weeks we’re entering now?

How is your Park or Group faring in comparison?

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