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How is Plum Data so easy to implement?

Plum Data has been created by industry professionals together with the holiday park industry.

We know how precious time is for holiday park owners and management.

So we’ve made it easy to implement Plum, effortless for regular data to flow, and quick and simple for you to monitor park performance and get your decision-data online.

Plum collects raw data from each member park and we automatically transform it into continuous always-available Management Information – in clear graphics and numbers. And because Plum works as the neutral partner across the market, we can put your parks’ Key Performance Indicators in the true perspective you need to help you make the best decisions – by showing evolving competitor market performance alongside your own.

The sector is very diverse, and Plum serves from small to large parks, private family businesses to investor-backed groups – so we collect a lot of data and we’ve built Plum to do that very efficiently.

How does that huge volume of raw data flow efficiently?

The largest volume of data may be for your holiday and tourer lettings?

The good news is that the bookings and availability data about every holiday night – for the next 365 nights as well as looking back – flows automatically from your Booking or (PMS) Park Management System straight into Plum. Is your Booking or PMS system already integrated with Plum? If it is, the link is switched on after you become a Plum member and soon afterwards the data begins to flow. If your system is not yet integrated, then we’ll cooperate with your systems provider to complete the integration.

What about Owner Units and Holiday Home Sales information?

Some parks businesses use PMS systems that are already integrated with Plum and automatically feed the raw Sales data effortlessly to us. That works well for a lot of large businesses with large volumes of sales. But we know that many great parks businesses have either created their own system for Holiday Home Sales, or don’t have a formal data system they can interrogate. So we’ve created Plum for you to be able to upload your individual Sales data direct onto our portal, or monthly in bulk.

In fact — Plum SAVES YOU TIME !

Plum gives you that extra information advantage but leaves you all the time you need to run your business. And for many Plum in fact SAVES TIME because it generates for you the most valuable data on your Lettings and Sales that would otherwise take you or your team hours or days a month to produce, for everyday use or for that monthly board meeting — let alone that deeper insight that might otherwise remain hidden.

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