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Performance Management Tool: Holiday Parks, Touring & Camping, Glamping, Luxury Lodges, Cottages & Farm Complexes

Grow Your Holiday Park Revenue with Plum Data's Trusted Benchmarking and Data Insights Tool

Using innovative holiday park analytics, Plum Data will grow your business with benchmarking tools, financial performance reporting, key market insights, and data analysis and visualisation.

What Plum does

Plum receives data directly from the sector's operators and provides instant interactive management information and benchmarking

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My family have owned our small touring park for 50 years. I am looking forward to using Plum as the new way to check out how we are really doing.

Michael Thompson

Owner, Wood Nook Caravan Park

Good market data is vital for modern businesses who want to move forwards. I am delighted Plum is providing this.

Phil Brierley

Owner, York House Leisure

We're integrating with Plum as it adds such a valuable resource for our clients. Data is king and very much needed in this sector. It will enable our customers to compare their pricing, occupancy and performance with the wider market, respond to trends from a position of knowledge and make better business decisions.

Wendy Radford

MD, Anytime Booking

This is something the industry should have had years ago. It is great Plum has now gone active.

Andrew Howe

Chief Executive, Bridge Leisure

Plum is arriving at just the right moment. The market perspective Plum brings to our own data helps us respond to a changing market and uncertain economic environment.

Martyn Fowler

MD, John Fowler Holidays

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