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Plum receives detailed data direct from the sector’s operators and provides you with easy to use interactive analysis that benchmarks your business against the competition, so you can make better day-to-day and longer term decisions....... All competitor data provided by Plum is anonymised and usually aggregated

What Plum does for you

Plum lets you measure your business performance against your competitors. Whether holiday home sales - or holiday and touring pitch lettings

  • you can make decisions and reset your strategies, for the first time in the knowledge of how you are doing relative to the market
  • you can use the Plum widgets like Plum Tracker© to track specific marketing campaigns to see what tactic, marketing, discount, or other short term action really makes a differece and what costs you money but doesn't really help
  • you save time and money using Plum’s amazing business summary analytics & graphics, that's Management Information showing all your holiday assets as they evolve, or how your performance is changing. Instant info for your team and Board meetings.
  • you can take quick hi-level views just to sleep-easy, or pick up early-warning signals, and dig right down to the detail to decide what needs tackling
  • you can access all the core outputs instantly in our interactive portal, and there’s masses of other business analysis you can get from Plum in special reports

Whatever your systems or record-keeping, Plum is designed to make it easy for you. Easy data input. No need for fancy systems or technical effort to connect to the holiday homes sales, accommodation and overall business segments. Only need to integrate for live lettings – and some of the best systems providers are already doing that to help their clients with instant automatic data feeds, as explained in Data Access.

Call us – or Chat online to find out how much the system’s evolved beyond what you can see here – we’d love to share it with you! Book in a demo now, in person or over skype.

Imagine……… for your holiday and tourer lettings you could instantly see on the portal your occupancy for year-to-date and next year..... graphically by day...... this year against last...... last year now against final…… and price...... and much more.....

And imagine you could see not just your own performance…… but how your competitor market is faring…head-to-head..... real data in the same real-world market….reacting to changing conditions and the customer behaviour you face......
Now you Can

And imagine for your holiday home sales too...... instantly see on the portal your churn (partex, new & pre-loved), now and back then, and any which way, and what sold and what pricing and what pitch fees……

And imagine you can see your competitor market performance, see if it’s maybe peaking and there’s a wobble, as you reset your strategy and bonuses and next year’s budget and project next year’s cashflows.......
Now you Can

Join Plum Now Just pay your Joining Fee today - Starter Joining Fee is just £150 (+VAT) for each of your sites

Then put your data in and see instant analytics & graphics for your key Management Info.

Your Starter Subscription Fee is just £100/month per site - and your direct debit for each site only starts when your competitor benchmarking goes Live.

We aim to let you have your competitor benchmarking as soon as possible, but we give you options:

  • All subscribers can use National and a more specific Competitor Pool
  • You can have a different Pool for every region in which you have a site
  • You can choose separate Pools to benchmark your lettings & touring pitches, and your holiday home sales performance, or just keep it simple and choose one set even if you do both lines of business

Pool type When can I have it? What's in it How do I select it?
National Earliest outputs Deepest data for overall trends Just tick the box in the Portal
Regional Next quickest Regionally focussed Tick the box
Area Sometimes quick, sometimes wait for enough active sites in your Area Sites in your chosen area Draw your area on the map in our Portal
Specific Live when enough target competitor sites are active Your chosen competitors Pick your target Sites on our Portal

  • Your contract runs for an initial 2 years from when each Site starts paying its subscription fee which is adjusted for any increases in RPI at the end of the first year
  • VAT is payable in addition
  • Once your data goes in, your Management Information is free for 3 months from subscription. After that you get it automatically for each of your sites whose benchmarking Competitor Pool has gone Live
  • Pools go Live when enough competitor sites are Active to ensure anonymity
  • Sites are Active when their data is being submitted to Plum
  • The Portal is the part of the website only accessible by subscribers where you see your confidential data

This is a broad summary of terms - the terms are fully set out in the Subscriber Agreement which can be downloaded from this website.
You will have access to the Agreement before you complete your subscription and will be asked to tick your acceptance of it.

Join Plum join now and capture starter pricing

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